S2 E19 A Deeper Dive into Edge Device Technology

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What are the logistical issues between edge and standard systems? Do they have the capacity to save money on critical infrastructure cost? The development of apps gives this new technology a capacity with a simple upload never before available. Can this make our old, reliable standard systems obsolete? Find out here in this episode with two of Meraki’s best, Ryan Harami and CJ Ramsey.

Guest Bio:
Ryan Harami is currently a Meraki sales specialist focusing on accounts in New York City. He’s been with Cisco Meraki for over 8 years and has seen Meraki grow from an $80 million per year company to over $2 Billion per year company. A strong believer that while networking can spiral into complexity, modern-day use cases demand simplicity and Meraki here is here to help.



CJ Ramsey is a Cisco Meraki Consulting Engineer serving New York City. CJ has been with Cisco Meraki for 3+ years; first on the product team and now as a client facing engineering resource. Prior to joining Cisco Meraki, CJ spent the entirety of his career in the IT space, working for a Cisco Partner in various engineering and sales capacities. Having been exposed to a range of solutions and industries, CJ looks for ways to innovate and simplify initiatives by leveraging powerful technologies.