Highlights topics that are your most important personal security and safety issues. Produced especially for the C-Level suite of executives and corporate security leadership with purchase responsibility and authority. Each week join lively discussions on security issues that matter the most to you! Understand the smart business decisions for tomorrows security today!
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How to Book Us

Both Jim Henry and Sal Lifrieri are available together or individually for any type of event, from breakout session presentations to keynote addresses, to moderation of tabletop exercises, or for executive retreat presentations.

To book one or both hosts for your next seminar or other corporate event, please email our speakers bureau at:

Consulting & Coaching Opportunities

Book The Risk Advisor Hosts for your next event

With all the threats – visible and hidden – facing executives today, it is essential for senior managers in the company to be fully aware of these threats and how they can prepare for them.

Our hosts can provide a full range of executive coaching and awareness programs, including facilitated hands-on sessions that will equip executives with all the tools they need to remain safe and secure.

If you would like to discuss consulting opportunities with our hosts, please email us at:

Meet the Hosts

Your Hosts For The Risk Advisor Radio Program

Sal Lifrieri
The Risk Advisor Host
Sal Lifrieri is the President of Protective Countermeasures Inc., a leading advisory services firm providing specialized threat and vulnerability assessment services, counter-terrorism consulting, corporate investigations and an array of specialized training, security, safety, and threat-mitigation programs to Fortune 500 companies, international entertainment corporations, religious institutions, schools and major commercial real estate firms... » read more

Jim Henry
The Risk Advisor Host
Jim Henry has seen it and done it all in the security and safety arena. Currently serving as a consultant, he is the former Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Securitas Electronic Security, Inc, joining SES via its acquisition of the Public Safety and Security division of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions. At Kratos, he served as Executive Vice President... » read more

Risk Advisor Podcast

Reoccupying Facilities – The Problem, The Logistics, The Solution

Are you attempting to develop a re-occupancy plan for your facility without a net?
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Returning to work after COVID-19

Are you worried about the legal implications COVID can bring about? Join us for an informative discussion on returning to work and the legal implications and challenges that seem to be greater than ever...
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Managing Security For A Changing Global Landscape

Remember when health and safety concerns meant “trip and fall” for security? Today, they are broader than ever reaching across the globe…
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Risk Advisor Re-Wind

The “Risk Advisor Re-Wind” highlights topics about important personal security and safety issues we covered in prior shows. In each segment, experts discuss trends, tactics and techniques used against us and how to safeguard against them.

Topics such as: Social Media Dangers, Travel Safety, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Security, Identity Theft & more

Autism Treatment Options & Diagnosis

Do you have a child or know someone close to you who has been diagnosed with autism? Do you find that diagnosis and autism treatment options...
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The Potential Threat
of Drones

Drones can be more than tools for cameras or objects of fun. Did you ever wonder what it would could happen if drones started to hit planes?
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Internet Influence on Medical Practice

Did you ever wonder about the Internet and medical diagnoses, and the problems and issues that all of those things bring? How has the web changed medical practice.
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