S2 E7 Cyber Threats Driving Compliance Beyond Fed/Gov Into Commercial Markets

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Compliance is a term no one likes, envoking federal regulation and accountability that is sometimes hard to maintain. New Federal/Government regulations are on the way, and they may become the newest regluation you may have to follow. In this episode, our experts talk about what’s on the horizon and how it will afffect you…

Andrew Lanning Guest Bio:
Andrew Lanning started his career in the computer and electronics field in 1982 beginning with COBOL, FORTRAN, and ASSEMBLER programming languages. He continued his electronics career as a missile weapons technician in the United States Navy and earned a combat action ribbon during Persian Gulf Operation Praying Mantis, in April of 1988. After the Navy, he joined the electronic security industry in 1994 and Co-Founded Integrated Security Technologies with his wife Christine in Honolulu Hawaii, in May of 1998. Nationally, Andrew serves the security industry through membership on PSA Security Network’s Cyber Security Committee. He is a member of the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Cybersecurity Advisory Council, and he serves on the SIA Women in Security Forum steering committee. Andrew recently joined the Security Systems News “Security Next” Editorial Advisory Board, and the Security Specifiers Advisory Board. In 2019 Andrew was honored to receive the PSA Security Network President’s Paul Marcus Award for industry leadership as well as the Security Industry Association’s Jay Hauhn Award for industry partnership. In Hawaii, Andrew serves on the Board of Directors and as the Defense Industrial Base Sector Chief for the FBI’s InfraGard Hawaii Members Alliance. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Defense Industry Association Hawaii Chapter, and as the Hawaii ambassador for the National System Contractors Association’s (NSCA) Ignite program. He is a graduate of the Honolulu FBI Citizens Academy, an active member of the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, a founding member of The Rotary Club of Hickam Pearl Harbor, and the host of Security Matters, a community-based webcast airing weekly from the ThinkTechHawaii studio. Andrew double majored in Psychology & Anthropology at University of HawaiiWest Oahu, and earned his Master of Communications degree from Hawaii Pacific University in 2011. Andrew enjoys land, snow and water sports, and completed Ironman Florida in 2013.


Andrew Lanning can be heard on his podcast, “Security Matters” at: https://www.spreaker.com/tags/securitymatters