S2 E22 Drones – not just for kids anymore!

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We all know the stories about the invasiveness of drones and how they are used to violate our personal space, but there are more beneficial services they can provide. In this episode we talk about how this emerging technical capability is helping to find lost children, lowering manpower costs and keeping us safer.

Guest Bio:

Jake Shild
In his role as a business analyst, Jake is helping AES prepare for the future by deciding what emerging technologies to take on. He is also helping develop a managed services program for AES. Some of the technologies Jake has brought to the AES team are health monitoring, cyber solutions, drone technology and more. Jake has also spent a lot of time working with the IT staff at AES. Before AES, Jake graduated from the University of Delaware in December 2018 with a BS in Finance.

Greg Wabshinak
Greg currently leads the wireless solutions group at AES, metro NY largest privately held integrator. The wireless solutions include DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), ERRCS, ARC’s, Wi-Fi and Drone Technologies. Mr. Wabshinak has 25 years telecom experience specifically in wireless including cellular, distributed antenna systems, and Wi-Fi. Recently he has become heavily involved in AES’ Drone solutions as a service. Before joining AES, Greg has led the sales and operational efforts of carriers and privately held companies.


Click here for a short video on the new services AES is currently providing: