S2 E2 Managing Security For A Changing Global Landscape

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Alan Stoddard of Verint’s Situational Intelligence Solutions Business discusses problems facing security directors and corporate management today, covering the blending of traditional security with health and safety… no more trip and falls being our safety issues… temperature screening/medical issues and tracking all play into this on a domestic and global scale. He offers recommendations on how to solve these issues incurred during this crisis.


Today’s Guests: Alan Stoddard, Vice President and General Manager of Verint’s Situational Intelligence Solutions Business Unit.

Alan Stoddard an experienced global technology executive with a long background in Security and Telecommunications.  As Vice President and General Manager of Verint’s Situational Intelligence Solutions Business Unit for the past 4 years, he has helped transform this VMS supplier into a global leader in delivering intelligent security solutions for Mission Critical environments.  He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, and prior to Verint, he held senior level management positions with Honeywell Security, AMX and Nortel Networks.

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Topics we discussed:

  • How has the security environment evolved given the current domestic landscape?
  • What specific challenges are you hearing from your customers and partners as they work to respond to this new landscape?
  • Health and safety now joining traditional security. Thoughts?
  • Do you see technology being removed from security systems? (Ex: Facial Recognition)

The Problem facing corporate executives:

  • What are the Global differences in how businesses are responding?
  • How do you navigate the legal and diplomatic issues?
  • Do technology platforms need to be changed?
  • What happens when a Security Director has multiple countries to deal with? (Integration of networked systems)


  • What guidance would you provide to Business Leaders as they consider how to respond to the current threats, navigate all of these new risks and unknowns, and create a more proactive security structure to deal with what comes next?
  • Do you have any specific examples of how Verint is working with these customers to get back to work, safely and efficiently?
  • What product(s) of yours can help solve these issues?