S2 E27 Navigating Government Contracts – Part 2 of 3

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How should one best present their Product or Service? What are the questions you can ask and what can you ask that might shock them? You need to use your introduction of your product or service wisely. How will you motivate the individual and get them vested into your product or service that meets their need or solve their business issue? Listen hear to learn all about it.

Guest Bio:
Stewarts Liberman has a BA and holds an MBA in management He also has 15 + years in technology sales as well as in consulting and service arena. He is also the President of a company that does consulting and guidance in agency projects, programs and technology solutions. He has 25 + years in the agency arena where he has written and responded to RFPs, RFIs and RFQs.


Stewart Liberman can be reached at: