S2 E9 Redesigning Company Workspace For COVID

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Tactical approaches to security postures need to change with the psychological dynamic affecting todays workforce. What might once be considered “smoke and mirrors” is now becoming a reality. Today’s architects are considering issues and opinions security would never have dreamed of. Our experts talk about these issues and what to do about them and the implications on our systems.

Guest Bio:

May is a multidisciplinary design strategist who works with renowned global architecture firms on international and domestic retail, exhibition, hospitality, and workplace environments. As the principal strategist of MF Architecture & Design Innovation, she works closely with clients to define their goals– blending business acumen with design problem solving. In workplace design, she develops intuitive spaces and people experiences that transform organizations from the inside out, taking a holistic approach to understanding and implementing architectural solutions that are aligned with business objectives and reflective of its organizational culture— ultimately, accomplishing spaces that lead to a healthier, better connected, and motivated work force.


More about our guest can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maycfan/