S2 E4 Reoccupying Facilities – The Problem, The Logistics, The Solution

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It feels that way… The government guidance changes weekly with new requirements, and with inconsistent enforcement. What’s approved is not always interpreted as it gets enforced. Add to this non-specific health criteria , just suggestions…. Does common sense work? Hear what we have to say about all of this…

Benjamin M. Butchko is President and CEO of Butchko, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive security risk, security master planning, program management, and security engineering consulting services. He has designed security programs and systems for wide ranging industrial environments including electric utilities, healthcare & pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and nuclear weapons. Prior to starting Butchko, Inc. in 2004, Benjamin led security engineering and risk assessments for ExxonMobil worldwide. His project and assessment experience include on-site efforts on every continent except Antarctica, much of it in extremely remote and hazardous locations.

Benjamin has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a regular presenter on security assessment, strategic planning, project management, design, and deployment.

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