S2 E29 Vaccine Distribution -Problems/Logistics/Solutions

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Who is essential, who isn’t? How do you track the people who got it, vs. those that don’t want it? Is the government set up to effectively distribute the vaccine? Listen to this episode to hear all the challenges the leadership will be faced with… It’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

Guest Bio:

Sal Lifrieri – President of Protective Countermeasures

Mr. Lifrieri is a 20-year veteran of the New York City Police Department and served as the Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for NYC Office of Emergency Management in New York City. In this role, Mr. Lifrieri participated in planning operations in preparation for chemical and biological terrorism, and in a broad range of security, intelligence, and counter-surveillance operations for New York City. Prior to that assignment, he directed the NYPD’s Protective Operations Unit, where he conducted threat investigations and threat assessments on behalf of key elected New York City officials. Mr. Lifrieri is a frequent lecturer and has been interviewed on network television news shows on CNN and the Fox News Channel, as well as local television stations and radio shows nationwide.