S2 E36 In Case of Emergency: Venue Safety

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When responding to a crisis, it is important to have critical intelligence information at your disposal to be able to make proper decisions. Since active shooter situations have increased over the years, new technology has been created to help solve this problem. Today we talk to a CEO who has 25 years of experience in high threat / high crime countries who believes she may have an answer.

Guest Bio:

Sheryl Pinckney-Maas is the CEO and Founder of Guardian Zone, LLC, a technology company in Colleyville, Texas that is a leading provider of crowd-sourced security solutions. Sheryl has launched a cutting-edge security mobile app and software platform that fortifies public safety. Her company is first in the market to invent a mobile software solution for businesses, schools and venues that creates an open and secure community allowing any smartphone user with the app to automatically connect with on-site security officials. Guardian Zone answers the question that many property owners, venue managers, corporate and educational institution security officers have at medium and large public places, “How do we facilitate a safe environment for staff and visitors during an emergency?”
Sheryl created Guardian Zone by leveraging her 25 years’ experience as a U.S. Diplomat and Senior Commercial Officer living and working in six international markets: China, South Africa, Mexico, The Netherlands, Jordan, and Peru. As a senior officer, she was a member of the Embassy’s Emergency Action Committee and the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration’s representative on the Overseas Security Advisory Council, where she worked closely with U.S. based companies’ overseas operations. Using her experience of living in high threat and high crime countries, she has taken more than two decades of knowledge and created a security solution for today’s corporate, educational and entertainment industries.